Work platforms are as handy as stepladders when it comes to accessing heights. While they may not offer access to scaling heights, they do give you that boost required by many jobs. As always, choosing the right work platform is critical – which is why we offer a wide variety of solutions at Browns Ladders. So, whether you're looking for industrial work platforms on non-conductive platforms, you’ll find the perfect solution on our website.

Best for odd jobs and DIY

The Werner Aluminium Low Level Work Platform

Product recommendation: The Werner Aluminium Low Level Work Platform

This affordable platform, available from just £46.19 inc VAT, is available in two sizes. It’s the perfect product choice for giving you that extra boost of up to 0.5m and offers extra stability when working at a height. Best of all, it’s easy to use, transport and store thanks to its lightweight build and compact size.

Best for flexible and safe work at a height

Deltadeck Low Level Platform

Product recommendation: Deltadeck Low Level Platform

If you find yourself working from low level heights on a regular basis, we recommend the Deltadeck platform. A great product for all tradesmen, this particular platform offers flexibility and stability when working at a height. The guardrail ensures user safety and makes working from a height more comfortable, while the build of the product supports a working load of 200kg. 

Best for working around electricity

Bratts B-Dek Work Platform

Product recommendation: Bratts - B-Dek Work Platform

While most of the products we sell are manufactured from aluminium material, the B-Dek Work Platform is made from fibreglass. This means it’s non-conductive and ideal for using when working around electricity. It features all the usual perks of a work platform too – including a spacious platform base and non-slip features.

Best for repair and maintenance work

Zarges Z600 Double Sided Mobile Work Platform

Product recommendation: Zarges Z600 Double Sided Mobile Work Platform

Whether you’re repairing a large vehicle or carrying out maintenance in the warehouse, a double-sided work platform offers maximum support and flexibility. The double-sided steps allow you to easily ascend or descend from either side while the large working area makes working from a height more comfortable. This particular product also features a double-sided handrail to keep you safe on the job.

Best for industrial use and working at height

Youngman Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladders

Product recommendation: Youngman Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladders

Our work platforms aren’t just suited to low level working; we also offer access products that offer platform support at heights more commonly accessed in industrial environments. The Youngman Teleguard product allows a safe working height of between 3.08m – 3.63m and comes with a spacious work platform too. It can also be used on flat surfaces and on stairways, allowing users ultimate flexibility. Safety features include a deck lock clip for auto lock, a handy tool tray, excellent stabilisation, and a double guardrail with positive locking gate on platform.

If you’re a builder looking for safe access products that reach extreme heights, why not shop our scaffold towers?

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