The warehouse can be a very demanding environment. Firstly, there are the long hours; secondly, there’s the manual handling; and lastly, there are all the dangers associated with working at a height. At Browns Ladders, we understand the dangers and demands of the warehouse, which is why we offer a great range of safe and sturdy warehouse access equipment solutions. From warehouse steps to platform steps and kick steps, you’ll find all the best warehouse solutions on our website.

1. Chase Aluminium Warehouse Steps

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable warehouse solution, you’ll love the Chase Aluminium Warehouse Steps. Ideal for all warehouse and factory work, the steps have been designed with day-to-day work in mind and come in a wide range of sizes too! Safety features include double riveted treads, a cross-braced bottom frame, and non-slip rubber feet.

Chase Aluminium Warehouse Steps

2. Lyte Aluminium Double Sided Fixed Steps

If you work in a more demanding industrial environment, it may be worth considering Lyte double sided fixed steps. Our Lyte product is built with all your needs in mind and is made to order. Available in a range of sizes, the steps ensure safety and security while working from a height. The product also offers a large, comfortable, non-slip platform and handrails are available as an extra too.

Lyte Aluminium Double Sided Fixed Steps

3. Stepmobile Mobile Safety Steps

Not all warehouse environments require industrial strength, expensive, safety solutions. For occasional use or less extreme heights, we recommend our Stepmobile Mobile Safety Steps. Available in four different sizes, the steps offer all the support you need and come with long double handrails and guardrails for extra safety. The unique features of this product also make it ideal for those new to the warehouse environment or new to using steps and ladders.

Stepmobile Mobile Safety Steps

4. Klime-ezee Knock Down Mobile Step

If you’re a contractor or you’re looking for a mobile step, this is the product for you. Built with industrial demands and standards in mind, the Klime-ezee Knock Down Mobile Step still boasts all the support you need but can be folded down easily for assembly on-site. As always, there are a variety of sizes available and the steps are suited to a wide variety of environments including warehouses, offices, construction and retail.

Klime-ezee Knock Down Mobile Step

Safety considerations in the warehouse

When it comes to working in the warehouse, safety is key. Whether you’re new to working with ladders or not, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge of health and safety practices. To ensure safe working practices in the warehouse, why not sign up to one of our safety training courses? Our Ladders & Steps Training Course is particularly relevant to the warehouse trade.

If you work with access solutions, you might also want to consider booking in for your next ladder inspection. At Browns Ladders, we offer Ladder Inspections services that are designed to ensure the safety of your access equipment. We’ll take a look at all your ladders for you, carrying out an independent assessment, and can take care of any repairs too. Visit our Ladder Inspections page to find out more.

Have we missed off any of your favourites? If you use any other Browns Ladders products in the warehouse, leave the details in the comments below. Alternatively, you can tweet your favourite warehouse solution to us @BrownsLadders