Gardening is associated with some of the highest numbers of injuries and falls in the UK. Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals in the UK have to pay a visit to A&E, following an accident in the garden. The causes of these accidents include everything from lawnmowers to flowerpots – but falls are one of the most common types of accidents in the garden too. With this in mind, we’re exploring the best garden ladders available today. From tripod ladders to modified step ladders, you’ll find all the best garden ladders in today’s blog.

Tripod ladders: The best choice for gardening

Tripod ladders

When it comes to the arduous task of hedge cutting, the tripod ladder comes up trumps. Tripod ladders are ideal for positioning by a hedge, as you can position the front leg into the hedge itself or angle it alongside the hedge. Tripod ladders are extremely stable too – a must when working at a height. Of course, anything that improves stability is likely to reduce the chance of accidents.

Another benefit of a tripod ladder over a more traditional ladder is its weight. The lightweight ladder is easier to move around and transport – no matter what your age.

It’s also a good idea to pick a product with a platform. While steps offer a surface to work from, a platform is more comfortable and safer to work from and can help minimise the risk of falls.

Our top tripod ladder for the garden

The Henchman Platform Tripod Ladder is our product of choice when it comes to garden ladders. It comes in a variety of sizes and also has a wide platform step, providing a safe and sturdy place to work from. The ladder also features feet that are specifically designed for soft ground, while the ladder’s three legs allow better access to difficult areas.

Using a step ladder in the garden

using a step ladder in the garden

Tripod ladders are always the best choice when working in the garden, but the usual choice tends to be a step ladder. Step ladders should always be used for access, rather than working on. So, if you’re planning to spend some time on a job, like trimming a hedge, you should opt for a tripod ladder instead.

To maintain health and safety while using a step ladder in the garden, it’s important to:

  • Choose the appropriate size step ladder for the task – you don’t want to overstretch.
  • Carry out all the usual safety checks to ensure your ladder is in good condition.
  • Face your work and never work sideways. Working sideways can increase instability and result in a fall.
  • Never leave tools and gardening kit on the platform at the top of the ladder.
  • Make sure there are no slip hazards. Steps must be clean and dry at all times and free of pruning's.

Our recommended step ladder for the garden:

If you’re looking for a versatile garden ladder that has many design features similar to a step ladder, try the Henchman Hi-Step. This garden ladder has a safety platform with a guard rail for extra safety. It also has four adjustable legs, ideal for uneven ground.

When working outside, ladder stability is one of the main issues. To ensure your ladder is safe to work on, why not invest in one of our safety accessories like our Safety Base Ladder Leveller?

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