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Using combination ladders on stairs


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Ladders and stairs often make a tricky combination. Attempting to boycott a ladder and overreach is not only dangerous, but an inefficient way of working. Likewise, using the wrong access equipment on stairs also carries serious risks – the main one being falls from a height. Combi ladders, designed for jobs just like these, provide the perfection solution, adapting to almost any task imaginable. All they require is a little know-how and you’ll be able to get on with getting your task done safely and efficiently.

Tradespeople are faced with many jobs where they need to work from stairs on a day-to-day basis. From wallpapering to fixing lighting, painting high ceilings to fitting alarms or roof panels, while they may be a bit of a pain they have to be done.

Investing in a good combination ladder will take away the stresses of stair work and make any of the tasks above relatively easy.

 Setting up your combination ladder

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To set up a combination ladder, for use on the stairs, you should follow these steps:

  • Remove the extension piece from your combination ladder and stand your ladder up with its stabiliser bar at the top of the stairway. You may need help to set up and move the ladder around.
  • Now, hinge the base and mid sections so they sit in the step ladder format and refit the extension piece upside down on the back of the middle section. Checking that the rung hooks are facing upwards and outwards is a good way to ensure you’re set up correctly.
  • Once complete, stand the extension piece on a step lower from the one you plan on working from and adjust until the metal locking bars are horizontal.
  • Now your ladder is set up for working you need to ensure optimum health and safety. To do this, make sure the ladder’s feet are as far from the step edges as possible so they maintain good standing. If you’re working alone, it’s also a good idea to tie the ladder to a banister to keep it study and steady while in use.

Combination Ladders from Browns Ladders

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Investing in a quality combi ladder will help prevent falls and general wear and tear – if used and looked after correctly. While we have a whole range of fantastic combi ladders on our website, we recommend the following for stair work:

Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladder

  • Available in seven sizes, ranging from 1.9m to 4.1m
  • Can also be used as a double step ladder or conventional 2 or 3-section ladder
  • load of 150kg

Werner Industrial 3 Way Combination Ladder

  • Three set-ups in the one product
  • Available in one length, with max. extension of 2.74m
  • load of 130kg

Werner Trade 4 Way Combination Ladder 

  • Can also be used as a step ladder, extension ladder and free standing extension ladder
  • Available in one length, with max. extension of 3.91m
  • load of 150kg

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today, visit our website.

Have you used any of our combination ladders before? If so, why not leave a product review below, or tell us what you thought of your purchase with a tweet @BrownsLadders

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