When it comes to choosing mobile scaffold towers, safety comes first. At Browns Ladders, we stock a whole range of scaffold towers that are safe and secure. Our selection of towers includes 3T compatible towers for optimum safety. Our 3T towers are suitable for all trades, from rendering to heavy duty construction work, and come with a whole host of benefits.

What is a 3T tower?

3T tower

A 3T tower is one that's method of erection is ‘through-the-trapdoor’. This is one of the approved methods of erecting a mobile scaffold tower, recommended by PASMA. The other popular method uses an advanced guard rail system.

3T towers allow a user to erect a tower while putting themselves at minimum risk during the installation of guard rails. To put up a 3T tower, an operator has to take up a working position in the trap door of the platform. From here, they can add or remove any components that act as the guard rail on the level above the platform. This ensures safety when erecting a tower, as a user will install components while positioned within the trap door.

3T towers also have a specific method for dismantling. After removing toe boards, the operator disengages guard rail hooks and guard rail components while positioned through the trap, before moving down to the next level.

3T towers at Browns Ladders

What is a 3T tower and why should you invest in one?

If you’re looking for a 3T compatible tower, why not invest in the Lyte LIFT Tower, available from Browns Ladders. Built with optimum safety in mind, the tower includes horizontal braces, a hatch deck and diagonal braces; all of which conform to the latest safety standards and regulations. What’s more, the product is tested and certificated to BS EN1004:2004 - which looks at the design of mobile and tower scaffolds made of prefabricated parts.

Alongside its fantastic safety features, the 3T compatible tower also boasts a whole range of practical features – ensuring ease and convenience of use. It’s easy to erect and take down, saving you time on each job, and can be conveniently packed away into most vans and estate cars.

The Lyte LIFT Tower is available in several different sizes and prices start at £382.42 inc VAT. You can shop the product here.

Stay safe with Mobile Scaffold Towers Training

Mobile Scaffold Tower in use

If you’re investing in our 3T tower, or already own a 3T tower, why not ensure safety at work with our Mobile Scaffold Towers Training Course? Covering both 3T and AGR systems, it’s one of the most comprehensive course offerings you’ll find.

Looking for a scaffold tower that ensures protection against electric shocks? If you’re working around electricity, we recommend investing in one of our fibreglass scaffold towers, designed and manufactured by Lyte. You can shop our fibreglass scaffold towers here.

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