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What should I use a stepladder for in the garden?


What should I use a stepladder for in the garden

Whether you’re a tradesperson, DIY enthusiast, or gardener, you’ll probably be getting outside and working in the garden over the coming months. While the change of scene and sunnier climes may make a job more attractive, it’s important not to forget the basics when it comes to ladder use. When it comes down to getting the job the job done, choosing the right stepladder is key to staying safe in the garden and working efficiently and effectively.

Stepladder use: Stats and usage

According to a Hansard report, each year it’s estimated that 6000 people require emergency hospital treatment after falling off ladders in the garden. This means that when you’re out pruning trees or trimming a hedge, there’s a greater risk than 1 in 500 when it comes to serious injury.

What should I use a stepladder for in the garden

Stepladders are a great choice for all your landscaping needs and for cutting hedges, but if you need to work from a considerable height, it’s worth using a specially designed garden ladder instead. You can shop for our garden ladders here. When you’re working from significant heights, our tripod ladders ensure safety – whether cutting hedges, pruning, or doing regular maintenance work.

Top garden stepladder picks

We have a number of great stepladders at Browns Ladders – ideal for garden work at a lower height. The two models listed below come in a variety of heights, meaning you can pick one best suited to the job. They also come with non-slip plastic end caps and are spacious and comfortable, making work easier and more enjoyable.

Our recommendations:

What should I use a stepladder for in the garden

Staying safe on your stepladder


When using a stepladder for any of these jobs in the garden, always make sure your ladder is facing the work, rather than positioned side-on. With the latter, you’ll be transferring weight against the stable support of the ladder, increasing the risk of accidents

Stepladders should always be used on firm, level ground. You want to make sure that all four legs sit comfortably on the ground and it’s a good idea to invest in anti-slip feet too. The stepladder should also be the appropriate height for the job – if you’re standing on the top two rungs, you need to switch the stepladder for a taller one.

Other important aspects of stepladder safety include:

  • Don’t overreach or overstretch
  • Don’t leave tools on the platform of the ladder
  • Keep steps clean and dry, removing prunings from the rungs of the ladder as you go
  • Always maintain three points of contact
  • Wear proper footwear to decrease the chance of slips, trips and falls

If you’d like to brush up on your knowledge of health and safety, why not book on to one of our Safety Training courses? We have plenty of offerings available. Our Working at Height and Ladders & Steps Training Courses are particularly relevant to this topic. Give the team a call on 01282 615517 to find out more or to book onto a course.

Do you have any safety tips for using stepladders in the garden? If so, share your words of wisdom with us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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