Now that the summer heatwave is fading and we’re moving into autumn, lots of people are looking at how to use their lofts ready for Christmas. After all, your loft is the perfect storage solution to keep any bought presents out of view, and that’s not to mention the hassle of taking down Christmas trees and decorations.

All this makes it the ideal time now to look at your loft ladder and see if it’s up to standard. If it’s not, it’s always helpful to replace it as early as you can, so we’ve got a couple of handy tips if you’re trying to decide: which loft ladder is best?

Why choose timber loft ladders?

Timber loft ladders are a popular choice with many of our customers here at Browns Ladders, and it’s not hard to see why from a homeowner’s perspective. Not only are they functional, but they’re great for adding a sense of warmth and aesthetic value to your home. On top of that, they’re very simple and easy to use, which is always a big plus.

folding wood ladder

If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with this option from leading manufacturer Lyte. The continuous seal around the trapdoor minimises heat loss, which is great news if you’re trying to save money on heating bills in the winter. This ladder has been built with convenience and practicality in mind, arriving fully assembled and easy to install.

Another popular option, the Abru Blue Seal gives a certain element of luxury to your home, which is a hugely desirable touch for many of our customers. Manufactured from quality pinewood, with dovetail joints, it’s got a brilliant functionality to match its aesthetics, with a handrail and spring-assisted stowage. It’s just as sturdy as it looks, too, capable of bearing a maximum of 150kg – easily allowing you to carry the heavier presents upstairs!

The benefits of aluminium loft ladders

Aluminium loft ladders share the same advantages of regular aluminium ladders. Namely, they’re highly resistant to damp, mould and insects, all of which can occasionally become their own problems amongst the darkened interiors of lofts. This resistance and durability comes at no extra cost, either, making them a hugely economical option. The usual weakness of most aluminium ladders – involving their high conductivity to electricity – is less of a danger in loft interiors, making aluminium loft ladders great all-rounders which are never a bad choice.

aluminium loft ladder

The Werner 3 aluminium loft ladder embodies all these ideals. Sturdy, practical and affordable, it extends from two overlapping sections supported by a universal stowing pole. It also has handy D-shaped rungs for extra grip. Alternatively, you might want to opt for our Ramsay 2-section aluminium loft ladder. Hardy and robust, an operating pole helps to raise and lower the ladder by means of clever radius-assisted arms.

A telescopic loft ladder is ideal in tight spaces

With minimalist design aesthetics, telescopic loft ladders are a perfect balance of form and function. Smaller homeowners (and some businesses) can struggle to find a loft ladder that suits their needs if their space is at a premium. Many of our customers in these circumstances find that it’s well worth considering a telescopic ladder first. For starters, they’re hugely easy to operate and use, and they’re designed to be exceptionally ergonomic. Not only do they save you space on the landing below, but their design also saves space in the loft above, too. The aptly-named Zarges Loftmaster Telescopic Ladder is one of our best selling telescopic loft ladders, embodying all these qualities perfectly.

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