From serious DIYers to trade professionals, scaffold towers can make all kinds of tasks simpler. Ideal for undertaking anything from rendering and plastering, to more heavy-duty jobs, such as bricklaying and roofing, scaffold towers offer huge versatility making them one of the most popular products at Browns Ladders.

Top 3 reasons for choosing scaffold towers 

why invest in a scaffold tower outdoors

  1. They enable you to reach heights safely 

Working safely should always be your number one priority, and when you’re working from a height, a scaffold tower promises that all important stability and security. Scaffold towers give you extra reach and stability compared to a regular ladder. Although some ladders can reach as high as scaffold towers, they may not be as secure when being used at maximum reach.

  1. They offer a spacious and secure work platform

Another reason why scaffold towers are a worthwhile investment is because they offer the user a solid platform to work from, as opposed to a rung or step. The size of the platform makes work more comfortable, while the shape and surface area ensure your feet are placed flat, instead of positioned awkwardly on a narrow area. This means there’s less chance of slipping.

  1. They’re easy to assemble and transport

Most modern mobile scaffold towers are designed so that they can be easily erected and dismantled. This helps prevent accident during set up and dismantle and generally makes working on the job that little bit easier. 

At Browns Ladders we have a huge range of scaffold towers available for purchase, some more suited to DIY work, others for more heavy-duty construction jobs. Below you’ll find a few of our top picks.

why invest in a scaffold tower examples

First 5 DIY Scaffold Tower Base Pack

Ideal for indoor and outdoor maintenance work, this Zarges product offers a platform height of 2.73m and working height of 4.73m. It’s quick and easy to errect and built with safety features, including an integrated trap door. There’s also a 2.0m extension pack available for purchase, bringing the platform height to 4.73m and working height to 6.73m.

Lyte HiLyte500 Industrial Tower

Available in Single Width 1.8m; Single Width 2.5m; Double Width 1.8m; Double Width 2.5m

All products in the Lyte HiLyte500 range come in a huge range of sizes, offering platform heights right up to 8.20m. Safety features include a dual brake on/off system, large rubber feet, reinforced platforms and stainless steel bracing lock pins.

Lyte HiLyte Leader GRP 500 Mobile Access Tower

Available in Single Width 1.8m and Double Width 1.8m

Our newest and most comprehensive scaffold tower to date, the HiLyte Leader range offers a whole range of structural and safety features making it the best choice for an industrial setting. Other perks include the patented fail-safe joint system, its non-corroding and non-oxidising properties, and the fitted stabilisers and toeboards.

To find out more about any of our scaffold towers, view our product pages. You can also give us a call on 01282 615517.

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