To hire a ladder or to buy one? That’s perhaps one of the most common questions when it comes to making a big purchase. With many products the answer might be “it depends”, but when it comes to access equipment, such as ladders and steps, it’s always best to buy.

The problems with equipment hire

ladder equipment hire

While equipment hire often comes at a lower cost, you only need to hire the product a handful of times before costs really mount up. What’s more, there can be a number of other demands and responsibilities with equipment hire, including the following:


  1. Security of equipment

If a hired product is lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll face hefty fees. While you’ll do all you can to look after and safely store your hired item, if something does go wrong it’s likely that costs and fines will be higher than if you’d bought the item yourself.


  1. Time consuming process

Every time you hire an item you’ve got to deal with all the admin that goes with it. What’s more, you may need to spend valuable time going to pick up and return the item too. For busy businesses this can be a real hassle. Instead, it’s much easier to have the equipment you need, available 24/7, on-site.


  1. Time-bound use

When hiring, it pays to keep the costs as low as possible. However, the downside of this means you’re often restricted to tight time periods and jobs may be rushed. Hiring for long periods of time, or hiring an item again and again, will always amount to more than a one-off purchase.


Bang for your buck

ladder price calculator

As we’ve pointed out already, hire costs can amount to more than you think. Just take a look at these stats:


Roof Ladders

roof ladders

Hire price – From £25.00 a day

Browns Ladders price – From £96.89.

Shop our roof ladders here.


Combination Ladders

combination ladders

Hire price – From £22.00 a day.

Browns Ladders price – From £87.83

Shop our combination ladders here.


Step Ladders

step ladders

Hire price – From £9.00 a day.

Browns Ladders price – From £40.26

Shop our step ladders here.

As you can see, after just a few days of equipment hire you’ll have spent as much, if not more than a one-off purchase. We also offer equipment including scaffold towers, work platforms, and much more in our online store too.


Why buying is best

Purchasing your own equipment has so many benefits over hire. From long-term savings to confidence in using the product, the perks are endless.

Some of the most popular reasons for buying include:

  • Availability for frequent use
  • Confidence in using the product
  • No time restrictions on usage
  • More affordable in the long run
  • Potential return on investment if you decide to hire your products out

If you have any questions about access solutions in our product range, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact the team on 01282 615517.


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