Whether fitting smoke alarms, security cameras or long lengths of cable, alarm fitters spend most of their working day carrying out tasks at varying heights. With this in mind, good access solutions are key in making a job workable and ensuring safety. Furthermore, because of long working hours and large distances covered on jobs, equipment needs to be easy to erect and take down, as well as easily transported, so that fitters can work effectively and efficiently.

Why does a fitter need to consider access solutions?

As an alarm fitter will be working with live electricity, power tools and heavy objects for an extended amount of time safety and proper support from access equipment is key. Working at height is another major part of the job – so whether you’re working on high ceilings or at a medium height, to fit keypads or sensors, choosing the right access solutions is the only way to ensure safety. The wrong product choice could leave you overreaching or hanging from the side, increasing your risk of injury.

Access solutions for alarm fitters camera

As an alarm fitter you’ll also be spending 30 minutes or so on each job, and working on extension ladders for the majority of the day. With this in mind, comfortable and resilient products need to be chosen over cheaper, less effective access solutions.

Lastly, when moving from job to job it’s important that access solutions are easily transportable. Ladders need to be lightweight and easily folded down, as well as suitable for the size of vehicle you travel in.

Product recommendations for alarm fitters

Access solutions for alarm fitters

As there are a number different job types within the role of an alarm fitter we’ve highlighted a few different products that may be suitable for you. Do remember, depending on the jobs you work on, not all of these products will be suitable for you. To give you a helping hand, we’ve identified products for a number of circumstances for you:

Top pick for heights of 3m or above: Lyte Fibre Glass Double Extension Ladders

Top pick for heights of 1 – 3m: Lyte Trade Glass Fibre Swingback Steps

Top pick for heights of up to 2m: Zarges Glass Fibre Hop Up Work Platform

Safety training for alarm fitters

You might also like to consider one of our safety training courses to bring you up to speed on your own health and safety. Our Ladders & Steps Training Course, and Working at Height Training Course are two of our most popular offerings. With an overview of the law, risk assessment, and how to put everything into practice, you’ll leave with everything you need to know about working safely at a height. To find out more call our course enquiries team on 01282 615517.

Are you an alarm fitter? If so, which of our products have you found most useful for your job? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders