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Aluminium ladder hazards


When are you deciding what kind of ladder to invest in, you must weigh up the relative benefits and hazards of the various designs.

Although aluminium ladders are very common, there are a few hazards that come for using an aluminium ladder – be conscious of them.

Aluminium has very high electrical conductivity. If you work on an aluminium ladder near electricity, you are exposing the ladder to an electrical circuit, the ladder being the ground route, passing the electricity through your body first.

Always be aware of nearby power lines. If you opt for aluminium ladders instead of wooden ones, do not work near electricity. Another nonconductive material is fibreglass.

Corrosion is also a problem with aluminium ladders because of moisture in the air.

If you are planning to put your ladder outdoors on an ongoing basis, you should get a ladder designed for it.

For example, swimming pool ladders will resist continuous moisture exposure. Any other type of aluminium extension ladders should be stored in a dry place.

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