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Choosing the right extension ladder


Extension Ladder

Taking the time to pick right extension ladder can be a confusing decision, but basically it comes down to what is it being used for.

You need to take into consideration which type will be more useful to you as well as taking the time to figure out exactly what your ladder requirements are.

What to look for

Examine the usage and storage of the ladder and compare this with the extended and closed lengths stated on the product packaging.

–       A double extension ladder is easy and simple to use.

–       A triple is more compact and convenient to store.

What height do you need to work at?

How to work out your ladder height requirements:

– From ground level to the apex of your roof will be approximately the same height as 3 floors which is 3 x 2.35m = 7.05m

– If you have a 2 story house and the height of your ceilings is 2.35m (average height) then the height from the ground to your eaves will be approximately 2 x 2.35m 4.7m

Important safety note

Add 1.1m to your working or step-off height to calculate what size of extension ladder you need.

Job examples:

Painting 1st floor windows

Typical height of job (approx): Up to 4.7m (Eaves)

Extended ladder length required: 5.8m

Gutter maintenance & repair

Typical height of job (approx): 4.7 (Eaves)

Extended ladder length required: 5.8m

Painting exterior

Typical height of job (approx): Up to 7.05m (Apex)

Extended ladder length required: 8.15m

There’s a wide selection of extension ladders available here at Browns, and we will be happy to advise you on which is the most suited to your specific task.

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