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Inventive ladder ideas


Ladder decorLadders aren’t merely used for construction and DIY. You’ve probably never even thought about creatively using your ladders for anything else.

We’ve put together 6 interesting ladder ideas, far away from their normal uses…Enjoy!


Wait… don’t throw out that old ladder. Instead, why not use it creatively inside your home for decoration or storage?

They are easy to re-purpose and can add a rustic touch to your home.

dogTraining dogs

You may be surprised to hear that many people use ladders for dog agility training.

While they can’t climb ladders (they’ve no opposable thumbs), it’s very impressive to watch them run around, on top of and under them.


It seems some performances are reliant on ladders.

On the stage, ladders may be climbed up or danced around. There’s even a scene called “steps to climbing mountains” where dancers climb up ladders.


Some people turn ladders into an art project…a simple Google search will turn out many interesting, wacky ladder creations.

There are even public art projects, such as Rise Up Chattanooga, which was built using ladders borrowed from local communities – with many different types, from step ladders to extension ladders.

SkatingSkating and Stunts

Before we tell you about this one, we want to make clear that it’s important to wear safety gear like helmets and safety pads.

If you are an expert skateboarder or roller blader, you have used something other than roadsides and half pipes to do tricks on before. Ladders is one of them. Grinding across a ladder we’re sure is very satisfying to a hardened skater…we wouldn’t know though.

Wrestling and martial arts

We, obviously, don’t endorse this at Browns, but we think it’s interesting all the same.

In wrestling, ladders they are used as props all the time. And have you ever heard of a wrestling move called the ladder lock? No?

Well, we hadn’t either – it looks painful!

And Jackie Chan demonstrates yet another crazy way to put ladders use a ladder during this fight scene in First Strike.

The next time you are using your ladder, remember it doesn’t just have to just be used for everyday work. But always keep the main principal of using ladders in the back of mind – safety first.

Falls when working at height actually account for one-third of work-related deaths more than from any other construction related injury, much of the time from ladders – Falls account for about a third of deaths in construction.

Images sourced from Flickr

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