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REVIEW: Abru Werner timber sliding 2 section loft ladder


Today, we’re reviewing another great product from the Browns Ladders range, the Abru Werner timber sliding 2 section loft ladder. Read on to find out more about this product and its benefits.

Perfect for DIY use

This Abru Werner loft ladder has been designed specifically for DIY use only. It’s been safety tested and assured – meeting the European loft ladder standard EN14975. The wide non-slip treads and locking catch are just some of the safety features you’ll find, which have been built into the ladder’s design.

One thing we particularly like about this ladder is the non-fuss, easy installation process. You’ll get all the components you need to get the ladder in full working order, as well as easy to follow instructions.

Technical specifications fit for the majority of loft spaces

Now, let’s get down to the technical specifications:

  • It’s suitable for heights up to 3 metres (9’ 10)
  • It can take up to a 150kg (23.5 stone) working load safely
  • Minimum loft opening has to be 450mm wide, by 570mm deep
  • Arc of clearance has to be 1050mm
  • Horizontal clearance in loft has to be 1550mm




Once set up, the durable timber ladder is user friendly. As well as all the safety features described, the ladder also has spring assisted double power arms, which give total control when lowering or stowing the ladder.

Durable and safe

Installing a purpose built timber loft ladder like the Abru Werner 2-section loft ladder is something you should give serious thought to. It’s extremely beneficial in helping to prevent a grievous injury caused by a fall. It doesn’t matter how capable you think you may be using a standard ladder or stepladder to access the loft, there will always be a danger of falling or injuring yourself when using a product that hasn’t been purposely designed for accessing loft space.

Make safety your number one priority

Investing in safe equipment is often not enough. Knowing how to work at heights safely is also important – and something we highly recommend looking into, alongside your product purchase.


Here’s a handy download with instructions on how to fit your 2 section timber loft ladder.

Have you used the Abru Werner timber sliding 2-section loft ladder? If so, how was your user experience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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