At Browns Ladders you’ll not only find a whole host of fantastic access equipment, you’ll also find plenty of must-have accessories and storage solutions, developed to make your job a whole lot easier.

On today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the extras we offer at Browns Ladders – Our Zarges Eurobox Aluminium Cases.

With nine variations available, plus add-on extras available for each box, you’re certain to find one to fit your requirements.

Built with choice and your needs in mind

Within the range you’ll find nine different sizes to choose from, the smallest holding up to 27 litres and the largest holding up to 63 litres.

The aluminium material also guarantees the boxes are lightweight and easy to transport – with the largest of the nine boxes weighing just 3.3kg.

zarges 40700 euroboxzarges-40709

Designed for packing, storage and transportation, the Zarges cases have been built with durability and functionality in mind. Each box has two durable lid straps, sealed at the ends to prevent fraying – guaranteeing that they won’t tear out under heavy loads.

The boxes also feature drop handles, with return string and plastic grip, as well as riveted joints with full solid rivets.

zarges solid build profilezarges-eurobox-drop handles riveted

The cases are also known for their sturdiness. The edge, base and lid profile frames are made of solid profile sections.

All joints are fully welded, joined permanently through high strength positive locking and swagging, while corner beading gives enhanced stability.

A reputation second to none

You can also expect your Eurobox to last. The lid has been developed with a formed seal all around, protecting against wear, overloading, and squashing.

The aluminium properties also guarantee that the cases are corrosion resistant.

What’s more, the cases are built to an extremely high standard – as you’d expect with a Zarges product. The aluminium material used in the cases has fantastic features including high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use.

Zarges is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative access and storage products, made with cutting-edge technologies and developed using years of experience.

If you choose to purchase the Zarges Eurobox, you may also be interested in the accessories we have, which have been purposely designed by Zarges.

Firstly, there’s the Pick n Puck Foam Sets – a pre-cut flexible foam insert made from open-cell PU foam. Easy to cut to size, the foam can provide great protection to tools you plan on keeping in your box.

We also stock Foam Lining for Zarges Eurobox Cases. Available for each size of box, the foam lining is durable, abrasion-resistant and includes foam for the base and lid.

zarges eurobox foam liningzarges eurobox pick-n-pluck

To find out more about the Eurobox Aluminium Cases or any of the complementary accessories, have a browse of our website.

If you have any further questions about the products we’ve talked about today, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01282 615517

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