After a bit of a dreary start to the Spring season this year, it looks like the sun has finally got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray). So if you’re sizing to get some jobs complete in the great outdoors in the coming weeks, whether as a house-proud homeowner, or as part of your professional duties, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the right garden ladder for the job. That’s where we can help here at Browns Ladders, with a fantastic range of garden ladders suited to almost any outdoor job. We’ve definitely got no shortage of options to choose from - but here are three of our favourites!

Hendon Tripod Ladder

This Hendon Tripod Ladder is excellent for trimming hedges, topiary, bushes and trees, making it the quintessential choice for professionals such as landscapers, tree surgeons and gardeners. It’s particularly favoured for the security and stability it offers, thanks to its broad base and triangular footprint.

One of its three legs is telescopic, giving you more stability and freedom to tackle the task at hand. For example, you can use the Hendon Tripod Ladder with this telescopic leg planted into a hedge, or at an adjusted height to account for a sloping surface. That allows the ladder to be used in a much greater range of scenarios and confined spaces than would be possible with other types of ladders. As standard, the Hendon Tripod ladder also boasts clawed feet for extra grip on soft surfaces such as lawns.

Lyte Fruit Picking Ladder

Don’t be fooled by the name - the Lyte Fruit Picking Ladder is useful for a much greater range of jobs than simply picking fruit! It’s a highly popular option amongst homeowners and tradespeople alike, largely because it combines the affordable price of a budget ladder with the reliability and quality that you’d expect from a big-name brand like Lyte.

Sometimes known as a hedge trimming ladder, or groundsman ladder, the Lyte Fruit Picking garden ladder is made from industrial strength aluminium, making it strong but lightweight, with non-slip treads and rubber feet to prevent it from slipping. Its three-leg construction incorporates a heavy-duty rear leg that’s hinged at the top, and fitted with a ground spike that enables it to provide flawless stability even on soft surfaces like lawns. What’s more, its non-slip rubber feet give it equal utility on hard surfaces too.

In a nutshell, the Lyte Fruit Picking aluminium garden ladder allows you to enjoy an impressive range of functionality, and it’s cheap and highly portable - exactly what you need for almost any job.

Henchman Professional Platform Tripod Ladder

From one of Europe’s top manufacturers comes the Henchman Professional Platform Tripod Ladder, which offers exceptional stability with its three fully adjustable legs. One of its main draws is its uniquely broad range of height options, available in everything from 6ft to 12ft sizes.

As you’d expect, it shares the same core advantages as its peers; but with all three legs being adjustable rather than just one, it’s particularly handy for accessing more difficult or awkward spaces. Just as with the Lyte garden ladder, the high-grade aluminium of Henchman’s offering makes it light but portable, and it’s been carefully designed to allow you to tuck your legs in when you’re on the ladder, giving you more support against your thighs and reducing the annoyance of knocking your shins into the rung above.

The Henchman Professional Platform Tripod Ladder comes with wide clawed feet as standard, but ancillary rubber shoes are available separately to give it extra grip, and no scratching on indoor floors or other hard surfaces.

These three are just a few of our suggestions, though. You may well have one or two of your own! Whatever requirements you have in mind for your garden ladders and access equipment, you can trust us to have just the thing for you here at Browns Ladders. As well as our range of garden ladders, we also supply an extensive array of extension ladders, and scaffold towers and stagings. If you’re looking for something in particular, or you’ve got any questions, we’re only too happy to help - just give us a call on 01282 615517.