A multipurpose ladder is a must for any tradesperson – multi-functional, efficient and often cost-effective, they’re one of the top pieces of kit we recommend. Any ladder than can be use to accomplish the tasks of two or more types of ladder is considered multi-purpose.

Multi-purpose ladders are typically used as the following:

  • A step ladder
  • An extension ladder
  • A work bench
  • A low level platform

Combining some – or all – of these uses into one product means many tradesmen will only ever have to purchase one ladder – rather than three or four pieces of access equipment. This gives the user a variety of options when completing jobs at home or in the workplace.

Common uses of the multipurpose ladder

The step ladder is best used for working a low heights in the house, workshop or in the garden. It offers convenience and is ideal for when you need the ladder to be freestanding – for example, when you don’t have a wall to lean against.

The extension ladder should be your ladder of choice when you need to reach higher locations. Unlike a stepladder, the extension ladder will need to lean against a surface, such as a wall, at a 1:4 ratio.

The low level platform is ideal for low level decorating and basic maintenance jobs. Perfect for odd jobs, they’re ideal hop-ups to use while painting, plastering or even washing the car – basically any jobs that are just out of reach from ground level. The work bench, on the other hand, is ideal for keeping tools on while you’re busy at work.

As well as combining the functionality of two or more of these ladders and platforms, the multipurpose ladder also comes with the added benefit of requiring little storage. Like most ladders it can be completely closed, meaning it’s easy to carry around and transport.

Top multipurpose ladders at Browns Ladders

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At Browns Ladders we stock two multipurpose ladders from the reputable Werner brand. They’re suited to almost any task imaginable and can be used in the home and in the workplace. What’s more, they’re extremely reasonably priced – allowing you to have several uses in one product at a remarkable cost.

Product: Werner 10 Way Multi Purpose Ladder

Details: This multipurpose ladder allows 10 positions in one portable product – from a small work platform to an extension ladder. When closed it’s just 90cm long, but can be extended to 3.38m when fully opened.

Price: £110.48 inc VAT

Product: Werner 12 Way Multi Purpose Ladder & Platform

Details: Similar to the 10 Way Werner Ladder, this product offers all the above uses plus two more! Including a stepladder, stairway ladder and extension ladder, it’s the most comprehensive multipurpose ladder we stock.

Price £153.24 inc VAT

To view the variety of uses for both ladders, take a look at their product pages and see the setups available.

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