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Why use double extension ladders?


Why use double extension ladders

When choosing access solutions, it’s really important to pick the right product for the job. While stepladders suffice for the majority of household DIY jobs and in the stockroom, double extension ladders offer a wide range of uses.

Top 4 reasons for choosing double extension ladders

workman using red double extension ladders

The benefits of using double extension ladders are endless and some of the most popular reasons for choosing a double extension ladder include:

  • Easy to transport and store

Unlike single length ladders or step ladders, double extension ladders have a shorter closed length. This makes them easier to store and easier to transport – so you should have no problem fitting a double extension ladder in or on top of your van.

  • Easy to carry

As a double extension ladder folds down, it’s easier to carry as it’s not so top-heavy. The versatile design also means the ladder is less awkward when it comes to size.

  • Versatility

The double extension ladder can be used for a wide variety of jobs as the user is able to access a variety of heights. They’re useful for painting, reaching roofs to carry out maintenance work, guttering maintenance, and much more.

  • Designed with excellent safety features

All our double extension ladders are built with performance and safety in mind. The legs typically have adjustable foot pads, which ensure stability, and the rungs are designed to be easy and comfortable to work from.

Our top recommended double extension ladders

double extension ladders

At Browns Ladders we have a huge range of products suited to all types of trade and industry. Whether you’re looking for aluminium double extension ladders or fibreglass double extension ladders, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Browns.

Some of our favourites include:

Safety when working from your extension ladder

man cleaning solar panels using a ladder

If you use a double extension ladder at work, or you’re planning to step on a double extension ladder this summer as you get stuck into some DIY, do make sure you maintain good health and safety standards. If you’d like to refresh your knowledge of working safely from a height, please book on to our Working at Heights Training Course.

In the meantime, we’ve listed a few of the most important aspects of safe double extension ladder use below:

  • Step one: Ensure your ladder is set at the correct angle.
  • Step two: Ensure the feet are properly secured and / or sat on a stable, firm surface.
  • Step three: Secure the top of the ladder against the wall, if required, using a ladder stabiliser. It’s also essential that you tie the top for extra security if you’re working on the roof.

Looking for a product with a little more height? If a double extension ladder doesn’t quite meet your requirements, why not invest in the Werner Trade Triple Extension Ladder.

Do you use one of the double extension ladders from the Browns Ladders range? If so, tell us which ladder you use and why in the comments below. You can also tweet us @brownsladders

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