Need a new ladder? Then we’ve got you covered! We have a large selection of ladders for every type of household job, including painting or decorating work, electrical, gardening and landscaping, and even other outdoor projects.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a skilled professional, ensuring you have a safe, sturdy, and reliable ladder will help keep you safe while working at height. Here are a few common jobs and the best ladders to get them done.


Most interior and exterior painting jobs can be done with a roller brush and an elongated handle. However, if you’re decorating larger buildings, such as a converted barn or an older estate home with high ceilings, you may well need a step ladder.

That’s where we can help! We have a large selection of aluminium, professional, and even fibreglass step ladders (that come in a large range of heights) to meet your requirements. Most of our ladders can be delivered with in 3 to 5 workings days — which is great if you need a replacement in a pinch.


Aluminium ladders aren’t widely used by electricians, as they’re very dangerous due to the fact it’s a very conductive material. For this reason, we typically recommend the best ladders for electricians are made entirely from fibreglass. Generally, fibreglass ladders cost more up front but they are much safer and will last longer if cared for properly.

We carry a large range of fibreglass ladders here at Browns Ladders, ranging from small swingback steps to taller double extension ladders.

Garden and outdoor projects

Choosing the best ladder for your garden project is actually pretty easy once you know what you’re looking for and what jobs you’ll need to complete. If you’re simply looking to make small outdoor repairs, replace light bulbs, or clean the gutters, an extension ladder (of the right height) is usually a perfect solution!

However, if you need to prune the hedges, large shrubs, or shape trees we definitely recommend high-step ladders. A high-step ladder has a sturdy platform that’s ideal for standing on while safely trimming hedges with motorised trimmers and chainsaws.

Whether you’re completing jobs on the exterior or interior of a home, you can count on us to have the perfect ladder to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Of course, while these ladders are just a suggestion to help you they’re not the only ones we carry here at Browns Ladders. We carry a large selection of extension ladders, roof ladders, combi ladders, garden ladders, telescopic ladders, specialist ladders, loft ladders, and step ladders to meet your commercial and DIY needs.

Do you have any questions or need any advice on buying a new ladder? Feel free to give us a call, we’re always happy to help 01282 615517.